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Liel Leibovitz Interview

Liel Leibovitz Interview

Dear Friends,

My offering this week to “The Church’s One Foundation” is posting an interview that I and Philip Charles MacKenzie did with Liel Leibovitz, Editor at Large of Tablet Magazine, this past Saturday, November 13.

Mr. Leibovitz holds dual citizenship (US & Israeli) and, as a man of strong faith, has an important, geopolitical and theological perspective on the war between Israel and Hamas.

Though I run the danger of showing my political stripes, these are perilous times and I am committed in joining my Christian brothers and sisters around the world in their unwavering support for Israel. All too often, the Church has failed to perceive its faith in light of the Hebrew scriptures. Liel’s voice is an illuminating one.

Thank you for passing this podcast along and, as always, feel free to leave a comment.

To all our friends, Jewish and Christian—


D. Paul

“Only he who shouts for the Jew can sing the Gregorian chant.”

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